We tend to value straight lines in today’s culture. Sleek, straight, lines. We strive for that slim silhouette: two straight legs, two straight arms, a narrow torso, a tight waist. We try to hide the parts of our body that don’t fit that formula. We are taught to hide our curves. But why?

Curves are authentic. Curves are genuine. Curves are real. Curves should be celebrated.

Photographer Isaac Anthony captures the curves of signed model Ariel A. Pierre Louis. Styled by Zach Mauer and Moon Iciana, Ariel unabashedly shows us every inch of what today’s Western society tells women they need to cover up.

Dancing, smiling, fabulous and fierce, Ariel was signed by State Model Management after spamming New York agencies with her stats and headshots. She understands firsthand how exclusive the modeling industry can be and breaks down barriers every time she steps in front of a photographer’s lens. Although gaining some traction in mainstream culture, the plus-size modelling industry is still very much a microcosm. Ariel works in an environment where socially acceptable standards of beauty are at the forefront when it comes to hiring plus-size models, especially considering that these agencies, commercials, etc. are already trying to sell fat bodies. She is up against casting directors who vie for “European standards” when choosing their respective model lineups. Plus-size is already a taboo, so efforts are made to choose non-black women, mainly white or white-presenting, and women with “soft features” (or worse: slim women that wear padding to show off unrealistic proportions.)

This photo story is about breaking apart those dated standards of beauty. It’s about uncovering who we are and what makes us real. We wanted to tell a story about truth, we wanted Ariel uncensored.

Photography: Isaac Anthony- @_isaacanthony

Fashion: Zach Mauer / Moon Iciana- @zach_is_doing_fine / @beautybydefault

Hair: Austin Thornton- @austinthorntonbeauty

Make-up: Sophie Ono- @sophieono

Model: Ariel A. Pierre Louis- @couvertier_louis

Agency: @statemgmt

Fashion/ Accessories Brands (in order): @wendyfayejewelry, @onarins, @simplybeusa,

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