Traveling On A Student Budget

Since summer is around the corner a lot of students are looking for fun things to do! One of the best ways to have fun is by doing things outside of your comfort zone.

Traveling can be expensive but here are 5 affordable travel destinations for students in no particular order

Nepal: Perfect for an active getaway, prepare for trekking and hiking in the mountains and discovering some of the world’s most epic landscapes


Nicaragua: Volcanoes, coffee mountains, and surfing on beautiful beaches.


Indonesia: If you want to travel to a more peaceful and adventurous place, Indonesia is a great spot. You could do activities like visiting Bali and its beautiful landscapes and temples, go for a tour in the jungle and meet orang-utans.

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Morocco: You can go touring in the Sahara desert by camel back, visit medinas and souk or if you want to relax go in one of the city hammams


Turkey: Last but not least, as the one the country of the ancient Ottoman empire , this country is full of history. You can do a lot of cultural activities , such as visit old castles, also go visit the street markets and tasting some traditional Turkish dishes.


I hope this article helped you to pick your next traveling destination. Let the adventure begin.




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