The Guide To Wearing Pastel

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The Guide To Wearing Pastel

Pastels are enhanced when worn with white. This is because mixing colours with white is what makes it a pastel; they're all slightly achromatic. So when you wear them with white shoes, accessories or clothes with white accents, your outfit shares a base colour and it works.

The Guide To Wearing Pastel

Various shades of grey make a great look. Mix them freely. Mixing it up with layers of the same colours at different saturation point makes your look visually interesting and coherent.

The Guide To Wearing Pastel

Fear no pink! It is an amazing colour. You don't have to call it salmon, unless you want to; you can always wear pink. It looks great on guys partly because it's somewhat unexpected. It goes very well with colours such as bone, oatmeal and grey; a sophisticated way to wear pink- meaning all of your chinos.

The Guide To Wearing Pastel

Colour Block, this is indeed going to be a daring look and not for the faint at heart. Just kidding! Anyone can colour block. It keeps your look sweet and sophisticated. Go darker on the bottom and lighter on the top with two pieces in the same family. You can wear a lighter shade of shirt and a darker shade for the trousers, but from the same colour family or you can take your ensemble up a few notches with bright bottoms and a pastel top. You can also confidently combine pink with pale lemon, blue with mint green and creamy orange with purple.

The Guide To Wearing Pastel

Start with a neutral base, If you really love white, black and navy blue, tone your pastels down with a neutral base. I love pairing pastel pinks and purples with crisp white shorts. For an office attire you can wear a black suit with a pink shirt and another shade of pink for the tie. Combining your pastels with black or white is one of the best ways to sport them. You can pair pastel jeans with a white or black T-shirt and complete the look with a cool pair of sandals or loafers. You can always replace black with soft grey or beige.

Pastel colours such as milk caramel, fawn, mauve, pale pink, pale green, powdery mint,lavender, guava, baby blue, just to mention a few, are enjoying a new prominence in men’s style especially in the sector known as athleisure.

 as far as how to style these hues – you can’t really go wrong. Pastel colours go well with each other. As long as you stay in the pastel family or “stay tonal”- wearing various shades of the same colour- you’ll be fine.

I would love for you to take the following points in the gallery into consideration when styling your pastel outfits!

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