The exclusive publishing project of the Italian photographer (Sicily region) Federico Cannata and his fashion team does not stop only in the world of fashion photography, the designer clothes or makeup that highlights the beauty, but it is above all an ode to the power of woman, which is innate, that sprouts in each of them expressing it in a unique and revolutionary.
In this series of photographs it tells a modern story, 2.0, of a world that certainly does not correspond to how our grandparents have dreamed of and imagined in their day. We live in a planet inhabited by humans who are closing in themselves, which become more and more enemies to each other, we grow in a tough world like stone, gray as the dust, industrial, beggared, virtually hostile as the heart of its inhabitants. In this post-modern chaos exists her: Woman.
His heart continued to beat incessantly for some truth, his intelligence the door always looking for authenticity, a romantic woman and new, he does not even let a moment “deform” or distract from what is happening around. She remains fair, still, ready to fight for world peace, for equality of men, civil rights .. is the new heroine for all humanity. Even today, his sensitivity, primordial, is certainly struggling to emerge and establish itself in the world, however, there is in the air, it is in deeds, it is in the words that still have the taste of human and divine combined.
From now on you want to write the strength of ordinary women, those who know how to play important roles in the work, while not forgetting their commitments from parent, those who are able to give comfort to the loved ones of those who know how to make a gesture kind even to a stranger.
From a creative point of view the photographic series revolves around the word Contrast. In fact, the location chosen is totally opposite to the outfits chosen by the stylist for this service. Colourful clothes, transparent, luxury, characterized by soft lines and place on the body, enriched by combinations of pure couture jewelry and international design shoes. Even the choice of the model is not left to chance: the features of the typical Mediterranean woman immediately enter into competition with the messy room and at times left a company of marbles, which has made the processing of stones its strength and prestige point. If all these are the conditions for change, we can finally say that “Powerful” is the new and only adjective to say “Woman.”

Photographer: FEDERICO CANNATA  (@federicocannata)


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