Makeup Brush Cleaner by Cinema Secrets REVIEW

The Cinema Secrets is a product that is used to clean makeup brushes and other cosmetic tools from makeup. This product removes makeup as well as bacteria, as this is an antimicrobial disinfectant.

Is It Different Than Any Other Cleanser?

This product is amazing for those who find it troubling to keep makeup brushes in good conditions due to water seeping into the bristles. This cleaner is a dry rinse-free formula. This meaning that, not much liquid is needed for cleaning, therefore, no liquid will disturb the glue of the brush. In addition to this, it disinfects, and not only removes makeup, leaving the brush safe from producing bad bacteria to grow. The cleaner also leaves a lovely vanilla scent.


The only thing that would make this product perfect would be the price point. This cleaner retails for 32 $ CAD for 8 oz (236 ml).


The Good
The Bad
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