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Meet Jalen Nelson, the force behind the popular blog and brand _lickmyfashion_ based in Toronto. Jalen is currently a stylist, creative director and entrepreneur.

He started about two years ago, at first taking pictures and then two months later he started working in the retail industry and that’s when he knew he wanted to style people.

On his Instagram which boasts over 50k followers, you can see his evolving style and keep up with his daily posts.

Jalen typically collaborates with a variety of people. A majority of the time it’s YouTubers such as Delilah Johnson and regular clients who want to showcase their style in a different way but he also works with anyone that reaches out and wants to collaborate.

In terms of shopping, he favors brands that cut very European with his top picks being TopMan, Zara,  H & M and Urban Planet.

When it comes to personal style Jalen is most comfortable when casual but can mostly be seen in suits, running from meeting to meeting.

Jalen is not quick to define his style as he says he is definitely trying to expand. But a fedora, nice jacket, tassel shoes or professional kicks are all part of his signature look.

His three current closet favorites are hats, a classic blazer and shoes in no particular order of preference. This season he is feeling the nude color trend. A lot of men in crop jeans and tassel shoes, leather jackets and nude pants and for women the clear plastic shoe and rompers are his favorite trend.

With dreams of becoming a celebrity stylist, Jalen would love to style Rihanna and Pharrell in the future. “Pharrell started the whole shorts and blazer trend and Rihanna can look good in anything,” he explains.

When he is not styling Jalen enjoys swimming, chicken wings and ketchup!

Photos by Hans St-Preux (@_insxght)
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