Interlangues Big 40!


Interlangues Language School will be celebrating their 40th anniversary and I got the chance to sit down with Christiane Millet the founder and current CEO of Interlangues.

Christiane who is a language teacher moved to Canada from France as Lecturer at Carleton University. During her period as lecturer she discovered that it would be more efficient to have fewer students in a class to teach and that was how Interlangues Ottawa was created. The vision of the school is to create the most conducive environment and provide well trained teachers for students to learn languages.

She says the success of her school comes from her ability to build long lasting relationships with her clients and staff. The school currently offers language training to the city of Ottawa, government ministries, embassies and private tutoring.

In the near future, Christiane hopes to take Interlangues to an international level which is something she has been working on for the last 5 years, with this vision she hopes to promote Ottawa and Canada to the international market. Her advice to people who want to learn languages is to just do it and have fun while doing it.

Congratulations to Christiane and her team on achieving 40 years of impacting the community through language teaching. We look forward to celebrating with you in September.

Interlangues Language School is located at 130 Albert Street, Suite 710, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Photos by Alan Wainwright
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