How to Dress in a Heatwave

We have been hit with a heatwave, so dressing weather-appropriately is must – think boho vibes.  But what do we do when we have to dress a little more formal and actually go out and meet people in this sweltering heat?


Here are five tips to keep you cool during these summer months:

1. Choose lightweight Fabrics to stay cool in the heat

As a general rule – the best fabrics for heat and humidity are lightweight and made from natural materials such as cotton or linen.

  • Feel the weight of the cloth – make sure its light;
  • Hold it up to light – make sure you can see through it ever so slightly;
  • Natural and light fabrics usually dry faster – which is nice when its 30C outside.


2. Breathable Fabrics Are Best For Hot Weather

High temperatures mixed with high humidity can make your life miserable when having to wear anything more than a bathing suit.

It is important to allow air circulation to maintain a cool body temperature.

You want fabrics to be breathable and to allow maximize air flow through the clothing, allowing that heat and moist air to escape


3. Lighter Color Clothes Are More Suited For Hot Weather

It’s simple – dark colors absorb more light. Therefore dark hues are going to be hotter.

Light colors reflect light – making them cooler to wear in the summer.


4. Perforated Shoes   

It’s days like this you can ditch the pumps and pull out your favorite wedge, strappy, and flat sandals.  It’s important to always allow your feet to breath. If you feel you can’t do the whole sandal thing, try a slip on shoe with no socks or stockings.


5. Straw & Felt Hats Provide Protection

Hats are a classic and stylish option for sun protection.

A wide-brimmed straw or lightweight felt hat is fabricated to allow air circulation through the fabric, vent holes and weave of the hat.




Kay Wears:

Dress – Old Navy / Scarf – Vintage / Sandals – Call It Spring / Belt – Winners / Jewellery – ALDO Accessories




Lacey Wears:

Dress – Ardene / Sandals – Old Navy / Accessories – ALDO

We are definitely feeling the heat today and the weekend looks like it’s only going to get hotter. So keep your wardrobe light and breezy, and, if all else fails live in your pool or local lake.


What are your heatwave fashion tips? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


-Country meet City

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