Future géométrique

It’s about circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and weird cuts. This is the future of fashion – More geometric! – Let’s take a trip to the world of simple. As a graphic artist and designer I find that we are often lost in the realm of complex ideas and thinking.

The complex is from the simple

Often times we forget that the best creations are really simple yet complex. This may be personal but I love simple designs and this is where the future is heading towards  fashion that is simply made yet complex to conceive. 

André Courr suzuki8_detail_em alexandra-zaharova-paper-dress

The Shapes

Sometimes the “I don’t care” attitude can really create some fancy futuristic designs. Cuts with precision are fancy but cuts without it could be fancier!

futuristic-fashion-by-GARETH-PUGH futuristic-style-mosamuse-1 

The Fabric

Futuristic designers are all about being simple but also being ecological. Future fabrics….well think about what you can potentially do with these technologies in terms of fabrics – 3D printing, Nano tech and Super Hydrophobic Coating.

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