Work / Volunteer at Krowd Magazine

We are giving creative minds an opportunity to work with us.  If you want to have a taste of the fashion industry, this is your  time! 

General Requirements

  • Creativity and a sense of humor is key at Krowd Magazine. We like to have fun when we work!
  • Think outside the box
  • Team player
  • Time consciousness (projects, articles and delivery)
  • Good knowledge of social media
  • Interested in fashion, business and creative industries
  • Interested in events
  • Commitment to duties / responsibilities

Available Positions (volunteers)

  • Creative Writer – Your job is to come up with creative articles for Krowd magazine and its website inspired by your experiences in the world of fashion or other experiences.


  • Events Rep. – Be at Krowd events and other events to which Krowd Magazine will be invited. Also establish new connections and networks at these events. 


  • Project Rep. – Your Job as a project rep is to make sure that Krowd Magazine projects are well planned and well executed.


  • Talent Scout – At Krowd magazine we love to fish out the best of the best. Your job will be to look out in different locations for creative minds and talents to be featured in our magazine. 


  • Photographer –  You will be in charge of taking pictures for Krowd Magazine. – This means that you will be at any events Krowd would be attending to take pictures of every moment including backstage. You would also be at Krowd photo-shoots to take pictures of behind the scenes.


  • Copy Editor – You are in charge of a major product, The Magazine. Making sure that the final copy is well edited and in good shape for our fans and readers.


  • Beauty Editor – You are the head of the beauty section and would be responsible for writing most articles and reviews on skin care and beauty products, procedures and services for the magazine . You would be responsible for selecting the products you review, and must read about trends and advancements within the industry.


  • Marketer – Like every business, growth is key and essential. Your job is to promote the brand and look out for potential sponsors and advertisers. 


  • Contributors –  Krowd Magazine is currently looking for contributors in the following sections. – Originality and creative writing is required for these sections;
    • Fashion
    • Beauty
    • Lifestyle (Food and Travel)


  • Graphic Designer –  You would be working in hand with the Creative Director to design the layout of every issue at Krowd. You would also be helping out in designing posters for advertising and promotional purposes.


  • Ambassadors –  Your job is pretty simple as you just have to spread the word about the brand.


Please note that since these are not full time jobs, you will not be required to work full time but rather at your convenience and available times (depending on the position). So long as you are committed to your responsibilities. 


If you are interested please send us your CV to [email protected] stating the position in which you are interested and why you want to work with Krowd Magazine.


Please include a link to your website or portfolio. 


In case of a large number  of applications we will only contact those who will be short listed. 


See you soon at Krowd Magazine!

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