Breakup Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me

We’ve all been through them, we all know how painful they can be. I’ve lived through enough heartbreak to know that it’s not created equally. There was only ever one breakup that left me truly devastated. This advice is for those breakups.

Cry, Cry and Cry Again
It’s okay to cry. Let it out. Trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards. Grieving is different for everyone so take as much time as you need to heal. There is no right way, don’t beat yourself up for thinking about your ex, it’s normal and if you need to cry some more, go right ahead.

A New Beginning
Even though it feels like your world is ending, it’s not. In a way it’s just beginning, as cheesy as that sounds. The end of this relationship is the start to new one; maybe with another person but hopefully it renews the relationship you have with yourself. Maybe you were putting off a career goal, stopped going to the gym or haven’t been spending time with family and friends. Focus on the things that make you happy and what you want for yourself moving forward. You’ll find that you have more time and energy to spend in areas you may have neglected spending it on the relationship.

What Is For You Won’t Pass You By…
Keep this in mind when you keep mulling over what you could’ve done to save the relationship. You need to consider that it wasn’t worth saving, or maybe you just tried one too many times to save it. Whatever the case may be, remember that the relationship did break down, there was something wrong. Learn from that, take from this relationship invaluable experience.

Don’t Erase The Past
Deleting or destroying any physical sign of the relationship may feel cathartic at first but it’s not going to take away your memories. You need to live with those, good and bad. The bad memories will always teach you something, so listen. Maybe you avoid befalling the same fate in the future. The good memories? At first they’ll make you sad and even regretful but once enough time has passed and you’re at peace with the breakup you’ll come to find that you can always go back and enjoy those memories without feeling sadness. You’ll reach the point where you are happy to have known that person and what they brought to your life.

One Last Thing
You owe the world to yourself, so keep making that happen. Keep making those big moves on your own. One day you’ll look up and realize what a full life you have and then you’ll be surrounded by people that deserve to be there.

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