Better Together

In a time where people´s differences are highlighted and there´s less real life interaction WeFashion´s vision is `Life is lived Better Together´ and is once again spreading the love with their most recent launch: `Better Together´. This Christmas they decided to bring people even closer with the `Better Together´ Christmas sweater, which is the ultimate holiday outfit for two. In the promotional film (click HERE to see) WeFashion showcases the adult and kids version of the sweater being worn by different duos. They don´t fail in promoting inclusivity which stays true to their branding and is very much appreciated. Partners, siblings, friends, family and maybe even enemies are seen putting their differences aside to embrace the merriness this time of year brings by doing fun activities and enjoying each other’s company. WeFashion captured lovely moments where you get a glimpse of the connection and coziness between the people wearing the sweater. The ambience they´ve created tugs at your heart strings and urges you to head to their site and purchase a sweater of your very own to wear with whoever you already have in mind, that won´t be able to leave your side. The cold winter weather happens to be the perfect time to share some much needed body warmth and WeFashion created the best solution to do that.

The limited edition adult version comes in a festive red and white pattern and is €49,99 while the kids version is a cool blue and white pattern and is €34,99.

Both sweaters are unisex and available in `one size´ on

Make sure to tag your Instagram pictures with #WEbettertogether for a chance to be featured!



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