The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

If this were a Sunnies-aholic Anonymous meeting, I would be the first to stand up, gracefully remove my sunglasses and say , “Hello, my name is Amira & I am a sunglasses junkie”! I own over 60 pairs of sunglasses – from the dirt cheap kind you break at the beach to the you-are-not-allowed-to-touch-these-Prada kind.

I love sunglasses because I’m always surprised at how a simple swap in sunglasses style can instantly change your look. Once you learn which sunnies style suits your face shape, you’ll be able to see and feel the flattering difference. There’s a simple trick to finding your match : look for the opposite of your face shape!

Disclaimer : This article is meant to show you what BEST works for your shape based on some “fashion rules” we pass down. Personally, I own ALL shapes of sunglasses- square, round, aviator, you name it. Heck, I even own an octagon shaped pair ( see pic above). Read what I recommend but at the end of the day rock whatever YOU find looks best on your pretty face.

Face Shape: Oval

If you have an ovular face, consider it a blessing – you can basically wear whatever you want! You’re pretty much in the green to shop for whatever style suits your personality.


My favorite pick for this face shape is a classic cat eye pair like these stunning Starlight Tortoise cat eye sunglasses! You can’t go wrong with a cat eye.

Face Shape: Round

If you have a round face , straight and geometric frames work best. Round frames and narrow styles will make your face appear rounder. Rule of thumb: the wider across your face, the better.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Classic Clubmaster Ray Bans.

Face Shape: Heart

Heart shaped faces work best with glasses that have a bottom-heavy frame to counterbalance a broad brow line and narrow chin. Frames that extend past the width of your face will compliment your strong jawline! Avoid top heavy frames which will draw attention to the top of your face giving it an unbalanced appearance.


You will sure heart these Keiko Aviator sunglasses !

Face Shape: Square

For a square face shape, it’s best to offset your sharp features with a round frame. Curvy frames work best at softening your overall look. Opt for a pair with oval or round shaped frames!


These Burberry sunglasses are sure to be heartthrobs in an Instagram square selfie!

Be sure to tweet me @amiramehailia with pics of your shades if you follow my guide!

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