Best Summer Makeup Dupes

There are many skills that can be tough to master when it comes to flawless makeup. Getting a perfect winged liner, blending eyeshadows until they are seamless, and of course making your makeup last all day. With this summer heat, often all of our hard work goes to waste, and any makeup you had is gone by lunch.
There are of course some holy grail products that many people swear by, but they are often budget breaking. What if you could achieve those long-lasting looks for a fraction of the price? Check some of these dupes that will not only help out your skin, but your wallet too!

Setting Powder

Nothing is more important to creating a long-lasting makeup look than a really good powder. Not only do they absorb a lot of the oil (and sweat), but they can help to lock in your foundation, and can easily be reapplied throughout the day.

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MAC Studio Fix: $33.00                                               Rimmel Stay Matte: $6.98

Makeup Setting Spray

Following any powder, a makeup setting spray is a great way to preserve your whole look. It is weightless, refreshing, and actually does seem to hold everything together- especially eye makeup!

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Urban Decay All Nighter: $33.00               L’Oreal Infallible Setting Spray: $12.96

Eye Shadow 

When it comes to eye makeup, it can be tricky to stop it from flaking, or down right disappearing. Getting a good eyeshadow primer is a good trick to stop that, but finding strongly pigmented eyeshadows is also a must! These two palettes have very similar tones, and both pack a punch when it comes to colour.

Unknown-2              Unknown-1

Urban Decay Naked 3: $66.00                                BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette: $19.00

Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipstick has definitely become all the rage when it comes to a lip colour that lasts. We can’t talk about liquid lipstick without mentioning the heavily sought after Kylie Lip Kits. Regardless of your opinion on her, the colours are glamorous, and perfect for long wear because they fade out naturally over time. Lucky for us, NYX have come out with an almost identical colour, and staying power.

dolce-k-lip-kit-kylie-jenner        49113224

Kylie Lip Kit- Dolce K: $29.00                               NYX Liquid Suede- Sandstorm: $12.00

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