Barcelona: The City of Sun

There are not many places in the world that embody eclectic culture the way Barcelona does. With one quick turn, you can go from the coastal Mediterranean seas, to rows of unique boutiques, each imbued with authentic flair that embodies European fashion.

Evidently, sensuality is the natural rhythm of Barcelona (known as Barna to the youth). Everywhere you look there are vibrant people walking in tandem with an easy saunter, understanding that the sun will come up again tomorrow. Much different than the hustle and bustle of Western culture.

A defining feature of Barcelona is the non-stop beautiful weather; from winter-lows of only 12°C, to summer highs of at least 40°C, you can sell that Canada Goose, buy a ticket to Barcelona, and never move back.

In Barcelona, comfy shoes are a must. Preferably classic white Adidas, or some Nike’s, because you will be walking a lot. This is not due to lack of transportation, but rather a seemingly endless combination of outdoor patios and beautiful locales to walk to. When you first arrive, the average tourist will be funneled into La Rambla, which is all fun and nice but the real adventure is to be had in the disappearing side streets to either side of it. The side streets comprise of the “Boroughs” of the downtown Barcelona- where all the fun is to be had. Ciuetat Vella is mix of university campus, patios and small boutiques and small independent business. Here’s where you’ll find that one unique bag or t-shirt that you know can only be found in that beautiful store that you know might never find again. Your next stop is El Borne, the downtown heart of hip Barcelona. Mind you, this area has two different vibes when experienced during the day or night. During the day you’ll find, young artistic locals, with seasoned travelers enjoying the food for great prices on the numerous patios at every turn. When night rolls around, beautiful aromas waft in the area, the lights start shining and the restaurants start filling up.

And a tip for any traveler’s this summer: never ever pay more than 50 cents for a small bottle of water at one of the tiny grocery stores (here known as “Supermercats”— that is spelled correctly). They know better.


El Borne
El Borne


Ciutat Vella
Ciutat Vella
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