Adrenaline – Behind the motion cover


The cover: As still as an image but yet in motion – Yerim Ko (Ford Models) is captured in a jump stance by Nikolas Christian Williams (Nik William Photography). Styled by Jacob X Jordan, Makeup by Cynthia Bautista, Hair by Abel Son. The session is assisted by Stuart Clawson and Cynthia Bautista – Pedram Couture, Emmett, Aé-Teé, Eleanore Couture, Sanyae Demure, Michael NGO, SHOKRA provided by The Archives & Showroom. In My Air, Grey City, 12 Ten, Aeneas Erlking provided by DietchPR

Adrenaline GIF

” Adrenaline ” is a substance released in the body of a person feeling a strong emotion (such as excitement) and that causes the heart to beat faster giving the person more energy. This issue, entitled adrenaline, is filled with captivating editorials as well as vibrant colours that scream summer-time. From beauty editorials to colour blocking, you will feel the adrenaline in every editorial right till the end!

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