MAKEUP FOREVER Mat Velvet+ Mattifying Foundation

This is a liquid foundation that is medium to full coverage. You can build up to the desired coverage or mixed with your favourite moisturizer for a lighter coverage. This liquid foundation is long lasting and works great for oily skin types. You can apply it with a brush for full coverage or a cosmetic sponge for a lighter coverage. This foundation caters to many skin tones. #15 Alabaster is a great match for those who are light in complexion. #51 Golden Sand is a great match for those who are of a medium olive complexion.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +

This mist may be used to prep the skin. It will create a tacky base to let base makeup stick to the skin. Using this to wet your eyeshadow brush to pack on the product will allow your eyeshadow to look pigmented and bold.  This product is amazing when used after you makeup look is finished because it soaks up power which allows your makeup to look fresh, natural and glowy.



This pomade is very versatile. This brow product will allow you to create a natural or bold look. You may use a thin angled brush to create the look of real hairs. This technique will allow you to create a natural no makeup look. For a more bold look, you can use a small angle brush to fill in and a thin angle brush to create the illusion on real hairs towards the front of the brow.


This lash glue is fast drying which allows you to apply your lashes fairly quickly. You can also clearly see when the glue is tacky because the glue will transition from white to a clear blue. This lash glue will keep you lashes on all day.


This cosmetic sponge allows you to create a beautiful and natural makeup look. The sponge will allow you to create a lighter coverage and is best used with medium to full coverage foundations and concealers. This tool is very easy and fast to clean. Rub it against a bar of soap or the beautyblender cleanser solid. Since the cosmetic sponge is easy to clean, it makes using it very sanitary.

SMASHBOX Waterproof Eyeliner

The Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner is an amazing product. This product can be used on the waterline or as a bold line on the eyelid. The product dries quickly and sets to a completely matte finish. This formula is great for those with hooded eyelids as the product doesn’t transfer.



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