3 Festival Inspired Beauty Tricks

With summer finally heating up, and festival season taking over, this is the perfect time to change up your beauty routine! Here are three fun tricks to get your look festival ready.

1. Glitter Brows 

glitter-eyebrows-e1448635010730                                                       Instagram: makeupbylina
Using eyelash glue (which is said to stick the best) simply run that through your eyebrow and apply loose glitter on top, packing it on however thick you choose. This look is incredibly fun, and can be adapted to any glitter colour, and any brow shape! Both MAC and Make Up Forever have a huge range of colours which can be found at Sephora, or at any MAC counter for around $20.00.

2. Coloured Freckles

FRECKLES-2                                                        Instagram: eliotte_mua
Freckles seem to be all the rage in 2016, but why not try using a pop of colour? You can achieve this look by using any kind of liquid makeup product. Try bright eyeliners, liquid lipsticks you name it. Just make sure to use a small enough brush (a lipstick brush is a great one) and add as many freckles as you like.

3. Sparkle Roots


This look is especially fun because it is super quick, and can be paired with any hairstyle for any occasion! Start with some hair wax and apply a medium sized amount to the roots of your hair. Then glitter away! Mix colours, shapes, whatever your heart desires, just make sure to pat them down gently before the wax has time to settle.

So next time you have a summer party to go to, give one of these looks a try, or even all three! They will be guaranteed to spice up any outfit this season, and make you feel festival ready.

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