Brushes are Investments

Over the past few years I’ve had individuals approach me with difficulties getting their foundations to look “flawless” or being unable to create that perfect smokey eye without looking like a raccoon or someone who recently brawled. These are common issues for makeup beginners and the first question that I always ask is: Which brushes are you currently using? What I am noticing, is that a lot of beginners are not using the proper brushes or not using brushes at all! I’ve actually heard someone say they use their fingers for everything! Even eye-shadows and I mean, to each their own but if you looking for that flawless makeup application, you need to invest in a good brush or two. It will change your life for the better, trust me, you’ll see.

Investments are always a bit of a battle, and makeup tools are no exception. There are two main reasons why people avoid purchasing brushes. The first, as always…

It’s Too Expensive

It is totally understandable if you are not looking to spend $40-60 dollars on a Foundation/ Powder Brush and to be honest, you might not have too. Since starting my brush collection, I’ve come to realize that high costs does not guarantee high quality. I own a variety of brushes that range from $7 to $50 and I love them all equally. What does this mean for you?  Well, next time you are shopping for brushes don’t look at the price, look for the more qualitative brand, remember this is an investment. A good quality brush should last you years and not months.

Now, there is an overwhelming amount of companies that produce makeup brushes, so where does one even start? Some drug stores and high end makeup brushes can be a complete waste of money and some can be the best things ever invented. My suggestion is doing research on brands you are interested in; read reviews and see what other people have to say.

Lots of Variety = Lots of Confusion

Many brushes on the market right now serve various purposes. Even as a makeup artist, I’ve realized that certain brushes are necessary to achieve specific looks and styles. Getting these looks right comes down to knowing the right brush for the job and investing your money accordingly. For this you definitely want to do your research. Take your time, enjoy the ride, in the end you will be happy you did!

Long story short, an artist simply cannot create a masterpiece without using the proper tools. Keep this advice in mind and I assure you, you will be on the path to makeup perfection!

Side note: I advise you to NOT use your hands to apply foundation. Unless of course it’s Face and Body Foundation we’re talking about. This is the only type of foundation that I will apply with my hands, because it allows for that really nice and natural application. Do not be scared of the brush though; once you understand how different brushes works, you will begin to understand why you shouldn’t use your hands and start achieving the flawless results for that flawless face.

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